On Demand

On Demand

Cut2Vinyl is offering labels and artists an on-demand service for there releases. This is the ideal solution for a label or artist who would like to have their production on Vinyl released for sale without having to deal with high production cost or unwanted stock.

If you would like to test the market or simply you just don’t want to be bothered with the whole complex of packing and shipping or find a distributor to ship your Vinyl, this brand new on-demand service could be just for you. This low-cost solution allows any artist or label to get there release on vinyl direct to their fan base for less than £130 if you become a member.

What do we need of you:

  • Send us your tracks unmastered at -10db in 24bit/96kHz if you would like us to prepare the raw material for the transcription process. Vinyl masters cost from £25.00 p/t. Alternatively send us your track from your trusted mastering engineer.
  • your artwork for the centre sticker. (optional)
  • a global recognised certified Barcode £35.00. A Barcode is required by most retailers to stock the item.
  • Duplication approval if the content isn’t original.
  • Manufacturing licence (included in our membership package)

What do you need to do:

Join our membership for only £10.75 p/month (4 free barcodes, 4 free manufacturing licence, free worldwide distribution for hand cut records, first 2 masters for free) to take advantage of our special services.

Promote your release to generate at least 10 sales.

Be pro active to your release. Cut2Vinyl is a manufacturer and distributor of Vinyl records. We do share your release on our social networks but it is your responsibility how you market your release.

Need help in selling your release, we do offer a world wide distribution for hand-cut and pressed records next to our Vinyl boutique. (included in the membership for hand cut releases)

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