We offer an in house mastering service or you can send us your production on CD or in .wav, .aiff or flac format.


All recordings should be done ideally in 24bit/96kHz, dynamic, with a light limiter or without. A file with 16bit/44.100kHz will work as well but is not as good. Low end and bass frequencies should be in the middle of the stereo image or in mono ideally not higher than 200Hz.

If the bass is out of – or in face or very loud 300 – 350 Hz could be problematic but doable otherwise classic music with there double basses to the far right would never made it on Vinyl. A good amount of taming in the mastering process and an experienced cutter is needed. Ideally follow the rules as described next.

Keep your high frequencies below 20kHz best. If your frequencies are higher use a filter, the same is for frequencies below 20Hz. Any frequencies below 100Hz should be in phase and your lowest frequency should be in face. Said this you should slowly add an high pass filter under 40Hz and a low pass filter over 16kHz. Certain high frequencies like from vocals, hi hats, tambourines & cymbals need special attention especially sibilant sounds like Z,S and T. Cutting problems can occur at frequencies of 5kHz! I recommend to apply De-essers and HF limiters/compressor in the individual channels during the mixing process to open the way for very dynamic recordings.

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