Renouncing Redemption


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Renouncing Redemption was created in late 2015 very soon after the birth of our amazing little boy. It marks an important period of my life, where I made several conscious decisions to change and upgrade my lifestyle from removing meat from my diet and evolving meditation practices to reconnecting with the spiritual art of Alchemy.

Renouncing Redemption is exactly what the name implies; a renunciation of a lifetime of Judeo-Christian programming. As a new father It was of utmost importance to me to raise my child with the awareness that he did not need external gratification, nor did he need a being that was imposed on his life to save and redeem him, like all of us he was born a magnificent Godling.

During the time I was making this one I was deeply immersed in the Sophianic Gnostic Teachings primarily though The Nag Hammadi Library and later moved onto studying the works of John Lash. “Not in His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief” is a great book that tells the forgotten tale of the disappearance of the mystery schools throughout the world and the unhinged genocide of the “Pagan” people and the near destruction of the age old Gnostic Traditions.

The vision is a fusion of both a dream and meditation session, projecting a human who is dwarfed by massive structures which represent many aspects of the Abrahamic religions, the person although seeming tiny by comparison stands strong and unwavering against the onslaught of messianic ideology.

This piece was create in a space of a couple of days, totally immersed in the flow state and buzzing with the new arrival to our tribe. It was created using Photoshop, Painter, Incendia and Zbrush

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Dimensions 42 × 29.5 × 0.1 cm


Canson Infinity Fibre Rag 310gsm, Goya Canvas 340gsm


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