Cosmic Ascension


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Created in 2012, Cosmic Ascension is a very large highly detailed piece This is an example of how a vision may flood your consciousness in the most mundane setting, not all visions come during vision quests, dreams and trance states, and this one came to me during peak traffic on a bus in the middle of the chaos of Istanbul. The image formed in my mind with a powerful presence and almost immediately. It was of a human in a meditative trance experiencing some sort of angelic apotheosis, being lifted up into the cosmos by cracking open his mind.

This one took me quite some time to complete due to its massive file size would take me an eternity to open and save, I also re-created most of it several times to due to my pc crashing on me. It was frustrating to keep experiencing this over and over again but in the end I realized it turned out much better than I had previously planned. This entire experience was pivotal in innerstanding the importance of the flow state and the power of letting go.

The image originally included a wider spectrum of colors, leaning towards the purple and magenta hues but I decided to limit the hues to blue to capture the essence of the narrative.

This was created by using Photoshop, Painter, Cinema 4D, Zbrush and Incendia

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Dimensions 42 × 29.5 × 0.1 cm


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Canson Infinity Fibre Rag 310gsm, Goya Canvas 340gsm


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