At Cut2Vinyl we believe that you don’t have to be expensive to provide top quality products. With our unique DVM (Direct Vinyl Mastering) method we can cut your music direct onto Vinyl. Not only do we offer some of the quickest turnarounds and best value in the industry for 7”, 10″ and 12” formats, but we also offer additional options for colours, effects and heavy vinyl. The material we use for vinyl dubplates is made from the same material, we use for our pressed records guaranteeing the same high fidelity. A joy for many years to come! Choose from one of our packages available in our Vinyl Boutique. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we work with you through every step, go over ever detail and provide ideas for every part. So whatever you you can think of, we find the right solution for you. Listen to this vinyl rip below recorded in the Cut2Vinyl studios direct onto everlasting vinyl. I am very pleased with the transcription as my existing customers are. Just imagine to hear your recording in such high quality from the vinyl itself.

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