Frequently answered questions FAQ

Frequently answered questions FAQ

What’s the difference between a hand-cut master record and a pressed copy?
Every record is cut by hand and therefor an original master record and one of a kind while a pressed copy is a copy of a master.

Is the quality of a hand-cut record the same or better than a pressed copy?
Yes, it is the same when not better. The Vinyl record is even shinier and you can see the music better as it is cut with a diamond and not pressed. Every record is carefully cut by hand in real-time and every part of the cut has to pass our quality control.

Can I record very loud?
Yes, up to 12db if it’s very dynamic recorded.

What format can I use?
Ideally 24bit/96 kHz but 16bit/44.1kHz works as well. Any lower I don’t recommend but can be done.

Is the mastering process different from CD to Vinyl?
Yes, if you are not sure please leave the mastering up to our mastering studio?

Do you improve the sound while mastering?
Yes, we increase the volume from the master.

Why does the recording sound different to the CD version?
There are limitation on Vinyl recording.

Why is the quality of the record not so good?
The recording is only as good as the source.

Do you offer a mastering service?
Yes we do.

Is the recording different between 33 1/3rpm and 45rpm?
Yes, at 45rpm you can record louder than at 33 1/3 rpm. Some records can even be recorded on constant pitch if it is on 45rpm.

Why should I have tracks with deep bass and the higher frequencies in the beginning of the record?
The outer groove is much longer and therefor the cutting groove is less cramped as on the inside grooves of the record.

How long can a song be on one side of a 12”?
45rpm max.12Mins, best 7-8 mins
33 1/3rpm 18 mins great, 20mins ok, 22mins speak to us.

Does the length of the record change the price?
Yes, all records are cut in real-time.

Why does a cut record cost more than a pressed one?
Every master record is cut by hand and takes as long the playtime is.

What’s the minimum order?
1 from the shop, 5 if you want dubplates on Vinyl for yourself.

What’s the maximum order?
The sky is your limit!

What kind of Vinyls do you do?
We do standard 12” 150g or 180g black Lathe Vinyl, 240g Picture disk, 120g 12″ transparent vinyl,
We also offer 10” 110g black vinyl and the classic 7″ with big or small centre whole.
Please contact us for special Vinyl designs.

Is the sound different from 150g to 180g?
Yes the groove can be cut hotter and the replay is superior over the years.

Can you do picture disc Vinyl?
Yes. Contact us for designs.

Can you do shaped Vinyl?
Coming soon

Do you also sell the inner and outer sleeves?
Yes, choose from our line of products.

Do you make custom made record jackets?

Do you print the outer sleeves, inner sleeves, and booklets?
Yes, please use our template for your designs. Please ensure all your designs have at least 300dpi.

Can you produce matt, pearl or glossy prints?
Yes! Please see our printing solutions for the best results.

What paper do you use for the jackets?
We use a very thick paper of 350g/m2 or nearly 1mm thick Alegro Design.

For digital fine art prints we offer exhibition and museum standard paper from Hahnemühle and Tecco.

Do you also produce double or triple gatefold jackets?
Yes, with our in house printing solution the sky is your limit.

Can I order my record without a jacket?
Yes, but we don’t recommend.

Can I use my own artwork?
Yes, please use our template.

Do you offer a drop shipping service?
Yes, for a small handling fee we can pack and ship your order to your customer with your details so it looks like it comes from you directly. Offer only applies to original material released.

Do you offer an on-demand service?
Yes, with our on-demand service we can cut the orders from your customers once you have placed the order with us or the order has been placed in our shop. Please see our on-demand section for more information. Offer only applies to original material released.

Do you offer custom made DJ sets?
Yes, we do offer custom made DJ sets. If you own a licensed copy we can record your purchased track on Vinyl strictly for personal use but not for resale.

Can I record my favorite album by my favorite artist?
Yes, as long you have purchased the album in a digital format.

Do you offer distribution?
Yes, we work together with our trusted retailers and offer worldwide distribution for pressed records. Orders from our shop are send directly to the customer. We cut, we pack, we ship.

Do you offer packaging and shipping?
Yes, we cut, we pack, we ship.

Which payment form do you accept?
All major credit & debit cards, Paypal or bank transfer.

How about VAT?
All orders are subject to local VAT. If you are a business with a valid EU VAT number you may not pay the VAT.

Can I sell my release in your shop?

Do you sign artists?

Can I return unsold stock?
No, however, unsold cuts can be offered for sale in our shop on a sale or return basis.

Can I return faulty cuts?
Yes, if they are genuinely faulty we replace the cut for you without further charge.

If I order a larger quantity of cuts can I have test cuttings?
Yes, if you do order 50 at once or if you are a member I will send you a test cutting.

How can I become a member?
Easy, just full out the form.

Why become a member?
Many benefits. Please see our membership forum.

Do I need to be a member to be part of the hand cut lathe society?

Do you press Vinyl?
Yes, we do. Please contact us with your inquiry

Do you finance long runs?
No, not at the moment.

What are long runs? 
Long runs are pressed records in larger quantities.

Do you offer manufacturing and distribution worldwide? 
Yes, we do. Contact us for more info.

Can I sell my artwork in your shop?
Yes, you can.

Do you print on canvas?
Yes, with our 24″ printer we can print up to 12m long and on Canvas or Fine art paper up to 350gsm.

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