Mare Marinelli


Vinyl junkie, DJ, producer, label manager and founder of Cut2Vinyl with 39 years of experience in the music industry dedicated to bring 100% handcut master records to the Lathe society. Mare is responsible for the whole cutting process and creation of those beautiful Vinyls. Music and records are my backyard. I grew up with it, living it now and I just love it!



Adam Lindley

A high energy, relationship focused individual with an extensive network across multiple industries.

Adam started his career as an IT manager with an ERP and finance consultancy with experience of implementing and supporting global IT systems. For the last decade, Adam has worked across varied locations such as Moscow, India, Malaysia, China, Singapore and the UK. More recently he has undertaken interim onsite roles at Director level within global businesses driving process efficiency.

Gabriel Pereira


Steve Cox

Ex pirate radio DJ and club runner with vinyl junkie tendencies looking after the marketing and social media for Cut2Vinyl. 20 years working for big corporates creating marketing content globally. Looking forward to making Cut2vinyl the go to place for bespoke vinyl master cuts.



Steve Tull


Heather Lyall

Web designer & IT consultant with nearly 20 years experience.




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