NEW! Coloured Vinyl

Available for Long Runs and Short Runs / One Offs
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Examples of Vinyl Colours:
Blue, Blue Transparent, Green, Green Transparent, Red, Red Transparent, White, White Transparent, Yellow, Yellow Transparent,  Purple, Gold, Orange Transparent


Blue Transparent


Green Transparent


Red Transparent


White Transparent


Yellow Transparent


Orange Transparent


The material used for manufacturing coloured vinyl is different than what is used for solid black vinyl. Different ingredients and mixture may produce different results in sound quality. These results can include but are not limited to higher noise levels, isolated static sounds, or clicks on the run-in and run-out grooves of the record, the initial groove and in sections containing quiet music.
Opaque colours usually tend to bear higher risk of noise level compared to transparent colours. Due to manufacturing reasons it is inevitable that some coloured records show traces or other colours or tend to become cloudy, as we cannot guarantee that after a colour change the pressing machines run 100% clean.