Long Runs

Long Runs

Long Runs is a term used for a larger number of pressed vinyl records.

Pressed Vinyls are made by a pressing plant and usually only available from 100 copies and made of 140g or 180g black or coloured PVC records. These are the ones you find in any records store around the world.

Often 12″ Maxi singles are in a plain disco bag sometimes with a sticker on it to keep production costs low.

12″ Albums or LP’s are generallly packed in a full coloured printed sleeve, with all the information of the release, who was involved in the production, and where it was recorded. Most audiophiles agree that one of the greatest pleasures while listening to the record is reading all about the way the album was produced, me included.

We can provide a full colour outer sleeve and inner sleeve printing service from low as 100 which makes your release a true unique production and you are able to credit everyone who was involved in the production process. We believe crediting the people who were involved in the production is one of the major values in music production, as the music you produce is who you are, and without the people around you most of the times it wouldn’t have happened. Your fan base wants to feel, touch and be connected with the story of how your music got together. That is what your Vinyl is all about!

You can provide us wth your artwork using our templates. Some templates are available for download, if you can’t find a template that suits you contact us.

For detailed information on the printing process and requirements we highly recommend to contact us to avoid any problems.

We are happy to assist you if you have any enquiries just drop us an email and don’t forget your release is your story so tell everyone all about it. Your fans will love you for that so we do.

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