About Cut2Vinyl

About Cut2Vinyl

We cut, we pack, we ship

Cut2Vinyl is a manufacturer and distributor of lathe cuts and pressed vinyl records. We offer DMM and Acetate mastering for our pressed records and our unique DVM – Direct Vinyl Mastering technique for our 100% hand-cut records.  Our head office is based in Windsor / England while production is taking place in Hungary, Germany and Austria.

Our analog recordings can be produced in quantities from low as 1. The best format for transcription is with 24bit96K Hi-Res Audio. We do accept audio files in lower formats. We cut your extreme limited editions on 12”, 10” or 7” on black and coloured Lathe vinyl. For custom made Vinyl we also offer transparent or picture disk Vinyl. Releases from 100 are pressed and send directly to your doorstep or to our vast network around the world. Order your HD Master Record here from £18.00

We believe the record jacket is as important than the Vinyl itself and we can proudly say our record jackets are all produced to the highest industry standard.

For your convenience, we can produce with our in house printing solution your custom made record sleeves as low as 20. We print on very thick paper in matt (300 g/m2), pearl (350g/m2) or gloss 350 g/m2.

Additional services are:

Custom made DJ sets on Vinyl

Personalised Compilations

On demand service

No minimum order* required, no large pre investment needed, no large stock, no unsold copies.

Prices are depending on your specification of the production but here is a price guide for you. For more details please contact us!


150g black 12″ Vinyl from £18.00

12″ double sided picture discs from £39.00.

PRESSED RECORDS (prices are based on 1000 units)

EP – 150g black 12″ Vinyl, fully printed centre stickers, brown jacket from £2.48 p/unit

ALBUM – 150g black 12″ Vinyl, fully printed centre stickers, fully printed jacket from £2.88 p/unit

DBL ALBUM –  2x 150g black 12″ Vinyl, fully printed centre stickers, fully printed jacket with 5mm spin from £6.36 p/unit

What do our customers think off us?

hi bro,  gaudi here,
your EP is a bomb!!!!   wow i really really like it,


Mare has been great to deal with, excellent service and a phat pressing, recommended!!

Mare!!!! Got the record today jus got home n checked OMG wicked job mate!! Both cuts excellent !!Really cannot thank you enough dude much much appreciated!!!

Patrick Hurley UK

Hello Mare ! Yes the record indeed is a masterpiece !! Great work overall ! The sound quality is great! Keep up with the good work !!

Nikos Liakoae Greece

Also die Platten tönen super auch der sound ist Perfekt !

Nic Loringett Switzerland

Thank you for the beautiful record. Thanks a lot!

Ulli Reichert Germany

Cut2Vinyl make it possible for my record label to release Vinyl without major outlay. Reliable and excellent service.

Champa – Enterrec UK

Amazing job, timing and mastering, Mare even came to Berlin to deliver himself the vinyls and to make sure everything was in order. If you need a fast job, good quality and good attention, Cut2Vinyl is your best choice!

Tom Galvez
Founder of Nomade Records.

Great vinyls!! Ordered 2 and received them the next week. Very fast delivery. Easy communication with Mare. Great service! Will recommend and order again!

Dalton Trance Teleport

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